Customer Reviews

Pro Rider prides itself on quality products, great prices and a service second to none.

Therefore, we are very grateful to get so many nice comments and messages back from our customers. We could keep these to ourselves, but we are so proud of the way we run our business, we want to share them with you. With our customer's kind permission, here are some of the wonderful comments we have received...


I ordered a Grid 20 yesterday morning and it was delivered here today just 24 hours later. Exemplary service. The bike was easy to put together and five hours later the battery indicated a full charge. After fully inflating the tyres and lubricating the gear cassette I was ready to go. The bike is a delight to ride and smooths our local Acton hill from a strenuous climb to an easy climb just on level 3 assist. This year I am 70 years old and so glad I made this purchase. Volt have the almost exact same bike but it's £550 more.

Alan Williams, Pro Rider Customer

I would just like to tell the world that my new Electric Golf Trolley has exceeded all expectations. Everything from design, quality, and power. Outstanding value for money, and second to none customer service. Thank You.

John McAulay, Pro Rider Customer

SO yes! I think after my camera one of the best things I ever bought. So thanks very much - I am lovin it. Though it is daunting to have to face a crowd of admirers encircling it - I don't really do that! If there is anything I can do of use to you do ask. Now just to see how it is in the wet (it has been known to rain on Dartmoor) and see if the motor has the guts to keep dragging this old man up the hills. best wishes

Pete, Pro Rider Customer

a quick line from me now to tell you how pleased I have been with it. So pleased, I told a friend of mine in the same village who immediately came and tried it, consequently purchasing one of her own within a couple of days and we have cycled together now several times. I have now given another friend 'a try' who I believe is, of yesterday, about to purchase two!! Also yesterday yet another friend ( I do have a few) showed interest and, husband permitting, will purchase one also. If you need any further recommendation for this fab bike let me know, I am also available should you need a sales manager (only joking). For us oldie mouldies it's got all the specifications required, and is easy to use, lightweight, pleasing to the eye, and a sensible price. Well done you.

Sue Savage ( Mrs), Pro Rider Customer

Decided I needed a little assistance on inclines when out on my cycle so I ordered an E Touring bike from Pro Rider Leisure. Ordering was made very easy by helpful knowledgeable sales staff who answered all my questions. Delivery happened when they said it would, 2 days later. My new E Tourer is Excellent, the build quality is extremely good, comes with a manual, charger and extras as standard - mudguards, lights, rear rack, bell, shock absorber forks and a really comfy shock absorber seat post. A great price and customer focused staff make for a great purchase. Inclines now not a problem.

Val G, Northwich

I would like to say how much difference your e-tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life. I am disabled with a whole load of physical problems normally I use a mobility scooter and my cairn terrier Bobby go`s every where with me so I did not want to leave him at home when I bought one of your bike`s which I must say are fantastic to ride and so much fun. But I wanted Bobby with me so after a lot of thought I bought a Childs cycle trailer with suspension so that while I ride the E-bike with the trailer attached there would be less stress to the bike. I had to make the hole in the attachment that go`s on to the rear cycle`s axle a bit larger which was no trouble. I now have an excellent bike that assists me with power as required and I hardly know the trailer is there even with bobby and his bits and bobs also my litter picker and some bags as I look after the park in the picture as a volunteer 7 days a week and Bobby gets to chase his ball. The Pro-rider has enabled me to go on longer trips and a good speed, it has simply opened up a lot more of my little piece of world and I want to thank you all at pro-rider for giving me back some extra freedom. I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Bobby and my self on our transport please note I also had a basket made for the carrier bye a local weaver. I would recommend your E-Bike`s to anyone and have done so in my local town as we get a lot of attention when walking through it and riding of course.

Steven and Bobby Cable, Pro Rider Customer

Hi. Just to thank you for the excellent service. My bike arrived today. Courier emailed delivery time and arrived at time given. Best Regards John McGilvray. PS My Wife wants one now!!!!!

John McGilvray, Pro Rider Customer

Hi. I am loving my new bike. As a heavy rider 124KG I found it hard to find a bike that would take my weight. I am so please with my new electric mountain bike. I have done over 100 miles on it already. It is so good I have started to commute to work on it. just over 8 miles a day (4.2 miles each way) It feels solid. the front and back suspension is gr8. The 3 levels of pedal assist are just perfect. The twist throttle makes a quick getaway from junctions a breeze. Once again thank you for a fantastic bike. Kind Regards. Ian Oxley

Ian Oxley, Pro Rider Customer

Joey mitchell I have just acquired a pro rider golf trolley and am amazed. It is perfect. Everything has been so carefully designed. My previous one was a big name and by comparison was amateurish. And the new pro rider was so cheap. Thankyou for producing it.

Joey Mitchell, Pro Rider Customer

Hello Simon. I recently had my wayfarer repaired at Northampton and am really pleased with the helpful and courteous way my appointment was dealt with by Scott in tech department. Additionally I would also like to thank Colin for the very professional way he carried out the repair. I ride with the confidence of knowing I am backed up with such excellent service. Please feel free to print this in customer comments. Thank you once again.

Jim Moore, Market Drayton

Hi Mark. Just a quick note to commend you on the outstanding aftersales service at ProRider. I have owned one of your golf trolleys for almost 3 years and had previously recommended ProRider to my golf buddies. I shall now certainly mention the great aftersales service you provide.

Bob Briggs, Pro Rider Customer

Quick message to say thank you to your sales department for the speed and helpful attitude they had when processing my order. My husband received his trolley in time and now he wont be pinching my trolley which I purchased off you 3 years ago (still running well) As always your attitude is a pleasure to witness and deal with

Amy Warren, Leeds

My wife & I sold our second tandem which we had ridden for 20 years just before Xmas last year due to my wife having arthritis in her knees As we wanted to keep cycling and having talked about how we could both do it together she came up with the idea of getting an electric bike. Having looked at and tried 8 she got the Wayfarer on trial and liked it very much so she bought one. I went out with her on my Trek mountain bike but couldn't keep up with her on the hills around County Durham! So I decided to get one too. We have brought them both easily folded and tied to brackets inside our estate car towing our caravan down to Albufeira in Portugal. We have both enjoyed using them here. it is extremely hilly around the town and in the countryside we have done 225 miles together so far. My wife did 32mls once and I to commemorate my seventy second birthday did 73 miles around Albufeira and still had one green light showing on my battery! Obviously I pedaled without assistance some of the way but some of the steeper hills I used 2 & 3 assist & it was quite a windy day. Is this a record for a C T C member cycling pensioner? We have had considerable interest shown in them by the public and cyclists. If you wish to use this as publicity for the bike please do. Regards Bram & Gerry Browning

Bram & Gerry Browning, Pro Rider Customer

Hi Craig. Congtatulations. trolley working.Have installed the new part with no problem and the system is working as normal. Your personal service has been exceptional. Speedy.Efficient and very Friendly. I Thank You. Carrying clubs at my age in this weather is very tiring and to have my trolley back on the course in less than five days is greatly appreciated. I Commend Pro Rider for Excellent Service.

Norman Atkins, Pro Rider Customer

I took delivery of my Prorider Golf Trolley last Friday and used it today for the first time. It was a peice of cake to assemble out of the box. once I figured out that the wheel marked 'R' should go on the right hand side of the trolley !!!! Did 18 holes today on a fairly level course and still had all 3 lights lit up at the end. And my game was better. not having to lug a manual trolley around. I liked the auto yardage facility. which I also used to measure a couple of tee shots. Time will tell. but I consider it to be an excellent buy especially at the price.

Adrian Williams, Pro Rider Customer

I have used my Pro Rider Trolley for nearly 6 months and would like to submit an unsolicited review for the benefit of other potential customers. Having been a life-long MotoCaddy user I approached replacing it with the much less expensive Pro Rider with some trepidation. The MotoCaddy is built to last. and extremely reliable but a new model offering all the specs of the Pro Rider would cost twice as much. But what quality would I get from the Pro Rider at £199? In short. it has been all I would have wanted and more. The folding/locking mechanism is not as intuitive as the MotoCaddy but it works well and has shown no sign of wear. The controls are user-friendly and the trolley is remarkably stable. The inclusive accessories are of high quality (with the exception of the rain cover. which is a little flimsy) and would add a significant amount to the purchase price of any of the more established trolleys. The huge plus for the Pro Rider is the no-quibble guarantee. I have has a few minor teething troubles and all have been attended to without question and almost instantly. This is customer service without parallel in my experience. In summary. this product offers excellent value and I would recommend it without hesitation.

Cliff Thomas, Pro Rider Customer

I would like to express my thanks and add to your testimonials. My husband bought me an E tourer electric bike back in April 2012 and at the end of Sept we have clocked up nearly 1000 miles of enjoyment! Recently we managed to damage the handlebars and your after sales service was truly excellent and your staff really helpful. Special thanks to Mark and best wishes to you all.

John and Jan Ormskirk, Pro Rider Customer

Hi Simon Golf trolley arrived today as you said over the moon by it.So easy to assemble and so light and all those extras to can't wait tog get out on the course with it Very very pleased with it a very sturdy trolley low price and fast delivery too Thanks again to your sales staffs excellent service

Mr D Burns, Dumfries

Bill Winterburen Hi not sure where to send this so hope it was ok to do it here? I bought 2 Wayfarers from you in May . I had them delivered to Alicante 5 days thy arrived.Exellent! I sorted the bikes out after unpacking & all seemed well. Just a cautionary note to buyers do carefully check the spokes are tensioned tighten each one equally to avoid sending the rim out of true.I failed to check this & on my first ride out a spoke nipple came off & i had to take off the tyre to retrieve it & then checked every spoke.But after that the bike have performed better than you say. If anyone knows the coast road from San Feliu to Tossa de Mar in Spain 20KM at least 7 long climbs on the cliff roads & obviously the same on the return.The bike performed 100% i did the ride each way in about 2hr with ease(I am 63) on return the bettery was on the second level & still performing well. I can highly recommend these bikes & the price is about the best you will get. If you need to pass my details on to prospective customers I will be happy to give them my opinion of the great Wayfarers. many thanks for a great Bikes

Bill Winterburn , Pro Rider Customer

Hi Simon Please can you put the following on your website. I would firstly like to commend the staff at Pro Rider Mobility who went the extra mile to make sure my Golf Trolley was shipped to me the same day for next day delivery. In regards to the product I can honestly say it does exactly what it says on the tin. it is easy to assemble easy to use and I played 27 holes at the weekend and the battery was still at full power. this together with all the free accessories I would recommend it to anyone and it is more than value for money.

Keith, Manchester

Hi. just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for my electric folding bike.I've just been out on my initial four mile ride which included some fairly steep hills. I struggled a bit on the first one with pedal assist until I realised that I wasn't in the lowest gear but the highest! I have problems with walking and my balance when standing but can ride a bike with no ill effect.However.hills were a problem with my old pedal bike as my leg muscles just don't have the strength that they used to so it meant restricting cycling to fairly level roads. My new electric folding bike will really broaden my horizons as I will be able to go so much further afield now and not have to worry about hills. Many thanks for the excellent service and brilliant product and please feel free to include this amongst your testimonials if you wish.

Dave Jones, Pro Rider Customer

Just to let you know that i purchased the prorider golf trolley beginning of march and have just played three rounds last thursday then sunday and again on tuesday on one charge of the battery and i am convinced it would do another round it was still going strong. I play on a fairly hilly course (Hinksey Heights). I would thouroughly reccommend this golf trolley. regards Ken

Ken Shaw, Pro Rider Customer

Hi bought an electric bike ie: a voyager mountain bike off you. Can I just say how really pleased and impressed with the bike absolutley loving been able to go for a ride again as i have a few ailments thet have stopped me over the last six years feel like i have gained a piece of my life back. Fantastic bike at a fantastic price think we will be buying one for the misses shorly.

Stephen Oxley, Pro Rider Customer

Just been out for the first time on my pro rider bike. Thanks for the quick delivery and ease of buying. The bike only took a few minutes to assemble. Following instructions I charged the battery for the recommended 24hours. I have just been on a five mile ride, something I have not been able to do for a long time, after being diagnosed with C.O.P.D. Most off the way I just used the battery to ease the pedalling and only occasionally used battery power alone. Thank you for a great product that I wish I had bought years ago.

Brian Goulding, Pro Rider Customer

Just returned from my first game of golf using the pro rider trolley & all i can say is superb peice of kit. really sturdy & controls so easy to use especially the three button yardage control. very happy golfer regards

Steve Brooks, Cleveland GC

I am writing to follow up with my recent phone call. I have had your Pro Rider electric golf trolley now for 2 years and my partners have stayed with their Powakaddy - with Richard using a Motocaddy. Initially they were both sceptical as they paid over double what I paid. The shoe is most certainly on the other foot now as I have had great service from my Pro Rider trolley and all but one of my 4 some have had to send their trolleys back on more than one occasion and to their anger they have to pay for parts. The reason I contact you is to ask if I can have some discount if all 3 of my group purchase your trolley. Feel free to use this statement as a review as people should be aware that there are better yet more affordable trolleys out there and I still don't know how you guys do it. All the best PS: I will phone in the morning to discuss the price of the 3 trolleys (with a small Malcolm, Javea Golf Club , Alicante

Malcolm Lambert, Alicante

Dear Pro Rider Just a note to say how pleased I am with my recent purchases. The golf cart easily does 36 holes (in Style) at my club course. I can't believe what is included in the package for less than £200.00. If this was bought from a pro shop, or even the golf discount stores, I would expect to pay over £350.00 just as some of my playing partners have. Excellent value(unbelievable really) and Service. Delivered exactly as and when you said. I only found out that you sold the golf carts whilst I was looking for a mobility scooter fro my wife. Once we had seen the Road King, and the price of it, we decided to order one. Again delivered as and when you said. An hour to unpack and sort out ready for a test drive, and my wife was mobile. How do you manage to sell such a quality piece of kit for such a low price? It looks stunning in black, and the full suspension makes for a comfortable ride. Thank you very much Pro Rider. I am sure both of these products will give us many years of trouble-free service. and I am equally sure that you will sort out any problems if they occur. Service and sales from you have been first class. and we will be recommending you to others. Clive Taylor Vice Chairman/Booking Secretary

Clive Taylor, St. Margaret's Hall

I have just seen that we can leave reviews on your site. So here goes. 18 months ago my partner and I purchased your e voyager and e tourer bikes. We have been very impressed with the build quality and I still see how you can sell at such a low price. Your service staff were very helpful when I asked for advise in relation to a tyre change last week. The free parts were gratefully received and much appreciated. For those reading this I honestly can not praise these guys enough and for a company to actually make the bikes and then provide such a good after sales service is very refreshing indeed. I recommend all to purchase a Pro Rider e bike with full confidence. PS: I couldn't believe it when I saw Jeremy Clarkson riding one of you scooters on the tv. I now feel a celebrity on my bike.

Tom and Gina Spearing, Plymouth

To pro rider just like to thank everyone at pro rider customer service. Service is 100%; golf trolley running perfect and would recommend the electric golf trolley to anyone thinking of purchasing one - go for it - brilliant buy, thanks again Neil

Neil Bingham, Pro Rider Customer

Hi Rochelle I just like to say thank you and your team for been so helpful and courteous each time I had rang for advice. Please also pass on my gratitude to the courier and the ladies in the office they were so helpful and accommodating. I would definitely recommend your business. and I have not yet set up my stove lets hope it is as good as your service and there will be smiles all round. Thank you

Claudette Jones, Pro Rider Customer

I am writing to congratulate you all for the brilliant trolley my wife purchased my for by birthday. it is better than expected and now makes golf much more fun. Thanks for sending the paperwork i asked for also. Great work guys and keep it up .

Ismail Rahman, Pro Rider Customer

Had my e voyager bike for 18 months and it is brilliant. Thanks to the service team who replaced a part after a recent accident with a blind driver of a car. Didn't even charge me even though I was out of warranty. Can't thank you enough and feel free to post my details on your site if others want to contact me.

Tony Sneath, Cambridge

Just wanted to update you with progress of my trolleys. Both my wife and I are delighted with both trolleys and we had enjoyed easier walks around the golf course as a result. It is a pity you can't improve my golf swing but then I can't expect miracles. I see you now have remote electric golf trolley and I my son may well purchase one. although I think I will be borrowing it. Even at 68 you are never too old to play with toys. I hope I enjoy my golf trolley over the next two years as I have done over the past two years. Thanks again. especially to the charming young lady over the phone 'couldn't recall her name'.

Anon, Pro Rider Customer

Thankyou for your professional service. i bought a woodburner from you on friday and had it delivered this morning. as i phoned and paid by card i cant leave you feedback. so just thought i would let you know how easy and quick i found your efficient business. i will certainly recommend you to friends and family. thanks again. kind regards emma foster.

Emma Foster, Pro Rider Customer

Dear pro-rider-mobility. I just wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC my bike is! We are in France. the first place I've used it. My nephew tested it for me. but I didn't want the neighbours to see me wobble! So far I've only needed to use gear 7 with the lowest amount of assistance. yesterday I cycled 20 miles with my Yorkies in their backpack! (Had to import from USA as we don't have them like it here) The day before we ONLY did 10 hehe! And that for someone who is disabled and can only walk 100 yards without severe pain is FREEEEEEEEEEDDOM!!! I would be more than happy to recommend it to others - feel free to contact me. and you are welcome to use this message as commendation. It seemed a bit expensive to me my last having cost £100. 10 years. no gears. heavy & impossible to ride without power - but it was one of the first ones. so it did serve me well. This is BY FAR superior and worth its money + the after sales advice friendly & excellent for technically challenged me! Thanks so much! Cas

Cas, Pro Rider Customer

Just recieved my replacement wheel bearings in the post. Thankyou for such a fast and efficient service.shame you only sell mobility and leisure products.!! Thanks again from a very happy customer.

Colin Broughton, Pro Rider Customer

Hi. I would just like to say that I am absolutely delighted with the trolley I purchased. Itís the best value for money I have ever experienced. I play on a hilly course and forgot to put the battery on charge but I had no problems at all completing a second round of golf. Iíve used the trolley for the past 6 weeks approximately 12 rounds of golf and I cannot fault it. I would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Douglas Spratt, Pro Rider Customer

Dear Prorider Mobility I am just getting in touch to say a very BIG Thank You! for the brilliant service you have provided. My order for my new Pro Rider Folding bike has arrived within 36 hours of placing the order. Thank you for sending it to me so quickly Kindest regards Lynda

Lynda Christie, Pro Rider Customer

Here is my review of the bike so far, and feel free to use it as a quote. Being disabled, 50 something, finding walking a considerable pain and the cost of fuel making car driving a luxury again I looked for alternative means of travel. A normal bike was partially successful but as I am in a particularly hilly area of Sussex I needed something as agile as a bike which I could put on a train and get me up the steepest hills! Having researched the net extensively I decided that a 250 watt motor with a large capacity battery was required, preferably Lithium Ion to keep the weight down. As both hips have been replaced I needed a step through, as I found the bar on a traditional man's bike was a hindrance. The "Unisex" option seemed the answer. It is not only the answer, it is damn near a miracle. The steep mile long hill from the station to the village is actually a pleasure to get up using full power. I have never witnessed anything so easy to use and doing exactly what it is designed to do for such a reasonable price. I would recommend this bike. the Pro Rider E - Tourer. to anyone who needs that little extra help and wants to feel the wind in their hair - being bald as I am doesn't exclude you. It's not only a pleasure but a life saver in my opinion. The Pro Rider team are very helpful and more than willing to assist you with any queries. P.S. If you would like more updates on my experiences. I will be glad to oblige. I shall be trying long distance runs next. +C154

Philip Hewitt, Wadhurst, East Sussex

I purchased one of your Golf Trolleys in July this year. I use it twice a week on a course that's quite hilly. I have got to say it is one of the best trolleys I have ever purchased. It does what you claim. On one occasion I forgot to charge the battery after completing a round of golf. Two days later I stuck the battery on the trolley and it went round my course for a second time no problem whatsoever. I would have no hesitation recommending this trolley to my fellow golfers. Thanks for a great product Regards ,Douglas

Douglas Spratt, Vale of Leven

To.Pro Rider Mobility Order. ID 2011-10-05-54643 I wish to express my appreciation of the service you have provided and the excllent productyou offer in the Pro Rider Golf Trolley. My new trolley was delivered within 36 hours of placing the order.The assembly was very easy together with the extra items in the package. I have used the trolley twice (in testing ground conditions) and am delighted with the performance and easy control. The trolley has caused much interest from my colleagues and I'm sure you will be receiving a few orders in the near future. Cliff Arrowsmith Cheshire

Cliff Arrowsmith, Cheshire

Dear Sirs Having just purchased two E-Wayfarer bikes from you I would like to leave you some positive feedback. These bikes were bought via a phone transaction rather than e-bay so I am unable to use e-bayís feedback system. The ordering process was professional, efficient and left me confident in the purchase and delivery timescale. The bikes arrived well packed and exactly when promised. We have used them on several occasions so far and are very pleased with their performance and operation. The extensive use of aluminium alloy and stainless steel fastenings gives me confidence in their weather resistance. I am pleased with the inclusion of robust stand. LED lights, strong rear rack, full mudguards, seat suspension and full chainguard to keep clothing clean. All these items together are not generally found in bikes of this price band. Even better if..... a 5mm & 6mm Allen key included, larger crown wheel (more teeth) fitted to give higher gear ratios, and ability to switch off pedal assist provided (leaving Throttle control plus pedalling as a mode). All in all very pleased - thank you! Colin

Colin Fancourt, Pro Rider Customer

I am very pleased to say the charger and battery are now working as they should.Your service is second to none and you are breath of fresh air, and pleasure to do business with. Many thanks. Ian Bubbins

Ian Bubbins, Pro Rider Customer

Dear Sir, I must thank you very much for your speedy and efficient action on my wheel clutch problem. The replacement arrived within 24 hours of my contacting you by phone and i had it fitted the same day (sat). Trolly works fine. Thanks again. can't fault the service. regards

Anon, Pro Rider Customer

Dear Service Team. fitted the new speed controller and had the trolley out at the Captain's away weekend. 54 holes at Hellidon Lakes. I think the trolley is on steroids now! Absolutely fantastic now. No point in using speed setting 7 - you can't keep up! Also, charged battery after the 18 on Friday but palyed the Saturday and Sunday (36 holes) without re-charging. Battery was still on showing medium charge. I honestly reckon I could have got another 18 holes out of it. Thanks again Pro Rider. Regards, George

George, Pro Rider Customer

Dear Customer Service. feel compelled to "write" and express our delight with the golf trolley received this morning (less than 48 hours after order)- it is rare to see such quality of material and workmanship on an article for such a reasonable outlay Assembly very smoothly but we could not find a warranty registration card within the package, so will assume (which we do not do ordinarily) that you will cover form this date automatically until additional cover is needed in the future. Thus far the whole experience can be summed up in one word- IMPRESSIVE !. Best regards. Brian Hoult (Col. Retd.)

Brian Hoult (Col. Retd.), Pro Rider Customer

I would just like to say thank you for such fantastic service. The wheel bearing arrived by post Saturday morning in time for me to fit before playing a match Saturday afternoon. As you said very easy to fit and worked a treat. Once again thanks again for such prompt service. Regards June Douglas

June Douglas, Pro Rider Customer

Hi Just a note to let you know the trolley was delivered yesterday ( very quick delivery ) and I have used it for the first time this morning for 18 holes ( battery indicator still on full ) . The trolley is very light ( without battery ) for getting in and out of car and setting up for the first time. I had no trouble with the trolley and it easily made the steep gradients on some of the hilly holes we have. I am at a loss as to how you sell this for less than £200 and other trolleys with the similar spec are selling for twice the price. Thanks again J Earl

J Earl, Pro Rider Customer

"Help" from you, both practical and advisory, has been unfailing, and I thank you. I am more than impressed with your after-sales service. and so will all my golfing friends be when I tell them how helpful you have been. Peter

Peter Holt, Pro Rider Customer

Hi, Thank you very much for your kind attention and forwarding to me a spare wheel for my golf trolley. your service so far is proving true to your reputation. you will certainly be recommended to my golfing friends. Kind regards Dennis

Dennis, Pro Rider Customer