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Pro Rider E-Tourer Electric bike, one of the most stylish urban E-bikes in the Market place. With front suspension and rear servo disc brakes. Top assisted speed of 15mph using both twist grip and pedal assist modes.
RRP £1,198.01 £599.00


Pro Rider - as seen on BBC Top Gear

Pro Rider - E-Tourer Electric City Bike

Latest control system now included with all Pro Rider bikes. With the Hi Tech Pro Rider controller you can switch between travel modes with the touch of a button on the handle bars. This latest design incorporates 3 different speed settings linked to power assist and throttle only mode. When using the throttle mode you also have the added feature of a variable speed control (allowing for a 1 - 15mph speed choice on throttle only). Most e bikes on the market have one speed setting on power assist and throttle mode but the latest Pro Rider controller incorporates all the above features. Making the Pro Rider electric bikes the most advanced on the market.

Auto safety cut off feature - when you press the brake lever this automatically cuts out the motor.

RRP £1500.00
Front and Rear Lights included

Unlike other Electric bikes your Pro Rider E-Bike comes with a 5 Star Home Warranty. If you have any warranty claim we will come and collect your E-Bike, repair it and return to you, all at our cost. Our company is famous for providing the highest level of back up service in the land. With our 5000sq ft service centre we have a team of engineers who are fully qualified to handle all Pro Rider Products. We also have a dedicated helpline and email helpline for any questions / issues you may have. Please see our terms and conditions for full details. 

Triple Mode Electric Bike:
Ø Throttle Power – No pedalling required
Ø Power Assist (PAS) – Adds power to your pedalling
Ø Pedal Power Only - Just like a normal bike
Available in Silver

Includes a powerful 10 amp Li - Ion Battery and will travel up to 30 miles on a single journey.
The E-Tourers advanced braking system includes Rear Servo Brakes and Front V Brakes

Driving to and from work can be one of the most stressful parts of the day, from fighting traffic to dealing with other stressed-out drivers, your daily commute can cause unnecessary tension. Fortunately, the E-Tourer electric bike can change the way you view your travel time.
With top quality electric and bike components the E-Tourer is designed to transport you quickly and will get you to your destination with minimal effort.
The E-Tourer is powered by a powerful 36 volt/ 10 amp Advanced Lithium Ion Battery. These types of batteries give up to between 800 - 1000 charges and weigh all of 4 kg. When you compare this to a Lead/Acid battery with a weight of 10kg and a charging capacity of between 300 - 400 times you know you’re buying a quality product.
When you’re speeding along in traffic you want to be sure you have full control of your bike, this is why the E -Tourer comes with a Rear Disk/Servo brake systems.
With a Quick shift Seven Speed Shimano gear system you are not limited to the speed of the electric motor. You can experience the best of both worlds, exercise and power assist.
More than just a commuter bike, E-Tourer is enjoyable to ride and provides adequate exercise when you’re in the mood for a workout. Buy the E-Tourer today and start cruising along in safety and style.

Frame: ‘Step Through Style’Strong Aluminum Alloy Frame
Motor: 250 Watt Brushless Hub Motor
Gears & Speed: 7-Speed Shimano Gear System
Battery: 36V/10ah Lithium Ion Battery
Charger: Hi Power for Li-ion 36 volt Smart Charger with 5 - 6 Hours charging Time (depending on use)
Tyres: 26" x 1.75"
Rims: Alloy Black Side Edge
Speed: 18 mph (29 kph) (Motor Only) – Limited to 15 mph (24 kph) in the UK
Distance: Up to 30 miles (48 km) range* (depending on weather conditions and terrain)
Throttle: Twist Throttle and Pedal Assistance System (PAS)
Braking System: Front V Brake and Rear Servo Brake
Front Forks: ZOOM CH-650 DH, Alloy Double-Crown Adjustable Suspension
Mudguards: Front and Rear
Lights: Headlight, and reflectors for superior safety whilst riding at night
Storage: Rear Carrier Included
Weight Capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs)
Bike Weight: 18kg Without Battery
Battery Pack: Removable (quick release) and Lockable
Battery Weight: 4 kg (9lbs)
Legalities: No road tax or driving licence required. Insurance or helmet also not required

Extended Warranty
As with all Pro Rider products an extended warranty option is available giving you complete peace of mind cover for as many years as you wish.

We offer a collect, full service and return of your E-Bike. Our fully qualified engineers will give your E-Bike a comprehensive service and we will collect and return your E-Bike as part of the service. 
We also offer the same collect, repair and return service for E-Bikes not under warranty.


* Mileage quoted depends on factors such as user weight, weather conditions and terrain

Note: Pro Rider bikes are manufactured with full UK regulations and requirements. If you are purchasing the bike with the intention of using it in another country you will need to check the legal requirements within that country. We can not be held responsible for the regulations within countries outside the UK

Customer Reviews

Aluminium wheelchair

People are always very quick to complain but not so fast to recognise superb service. It is very refreshing to deal with a company who care about their customers and realise that going the extra mile means the world to some people. Many thanks again. Dave

Anon, Pro Rider Customer


Got it today. Thank you for your prompt response. The bikes are behaving marvellously and having got used to them we are enjoying passing expert cyclists up some of the hills around here. They have also become quite a conversation piece with friends. relatives and holiday makers. and I hope that our recommendations end up as business for you. Thanks again. Gerry

Gerry Hagon, Pro Rider Customer

a quick line from me now to tell you how pleased I have been with it

a quick line from me now to tell you how pleased I have been with it. So pleased, I told a friend of mine in the same village who immediately came and tried it, consequently purchasing one of her own within a couple of days and we have cycled together now several times. I have now given another friend 'a try' who I believe is, of yesterday, about to purchase two!! Also yesterday yet another friend ( I do have a few) showed interest and, husband permitting, will purchase one also. If you need any further recommendation for this fab bike let me know, I am also available should you need a sales manager (only joking). For us oldie mouldies it's got all the specifications required, and is easy to use, lightweight, pleasing to the eye, and a sensible price. Well done you.

Sue Savage ( Mrs), Pro Rider Customer

Electric bike

Thank you so much for the quick delivery and assistance you gave with our E Voyager electric mountain bike. Robert loves the bike as we chose the right colour (phew..) Can you let me know if we have to register the bike? I believe your engineers will come to us for servicing can you confirm this please. Robert went for a 25 mile yesterday and he says it is better and more comfortable than his last e bike. So once again a massive thank you from both of us. Liz and Rob

Liz & Rob, Pro Rider Customer

E-tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life

I would like to say how much difference your e-tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life. I am disabled with a whole load of physical problems normally I use a mobility scooter and my cairn terrier Bobby go`s every where with me so I did not want to leave him at home when I bought one of your bike`s which I must say are fantastic to ride and so much fun. But I wanted Bobby with me so after a lot of thought I bought a Childs cycle trailer with suspension so that while I ride the E-bike with the trailer attached there would be less stress to the bike. I had to make the hole in the attachment that go`s on to the rear cycle`s axle a bit larger which was no trouble. I now have an excellent bike that assists me with power as required and I hardly know the trailer is there even with bobby and his bits and bobs also my litter picker and some bags as I look after the park in the picture as a volunteer 7 days a week and Bobby gets to chase his ball. The Pro-rider has enabled me to go on longer trips and a good speed, it has simply opened up a lot more of my little piece of world and I want to thank you all at pro-rider for giving me back some extra freedom. I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Bobby and my self on our transport please note I also had a basket made for the carrier bye a local weaver. I would recommend your E-Bike`s to anyone and have done so in my local town as we get a lot of attention when walking through it and riding of course.

Steven and Bobby Cable, Pro Rider Customer

What a marvellous machine and and such good value. It's engineered to perfection in high quality.

Thank you so much for the E-Voyager electric bike. What a marvellous machine and and such good value. It's engineered to perfection in high quality and even charges the battery up whilst one pedals which is quite a rare feature on electric bikes I believe. Patrick

Patrick McManus Patrick McManus Patrick McManus, Pro Rider Customer


Hello Simon. I recently had my wayfarer repaired at Northampton and am really pleased with the helpful and courteous way my appointment was dealt with by Scott in tech department. Additionally I would also like to thank Colin for the very professional way he carried out the repair. I ride with the confidence of knowing I am backed up with such excellent service. Please feel free to print this in customer comments. Thank you once again.

Jim Moore, Market Drayton


Bill Winterburen Hi not sure where to send this so hope it was ok to do it here? I bought 2 Wayfarers from you in May . I had them delivered to Alicante Spain.in 5 days thy arrived.Exellent! I sorted the bikes out after unpacking & all seemed well. Just a cautionary note to buyers do carefully check the spokes are tensioned tighten each one equally to avoid sending the rim out of true.I failed to check this & on my first ride out a spoke nipple came off & i had to take off the tyre to retrieve it & then checked every spoke.But after that the bike have performed better than you say. If anyone knows the coast road from San Feliu to Tossa de Mar in Spain 20KM at least 7 long climbs on the cliff roads & obviously the same on the return.The bike performed 100% i did the ride each way in about 2hr with ease(I am 63) on return the bettery was on the second level & still performing well. I can highly recommend these bikes & the price is about the best you will get. If you need to pass my details on to prospective customers I will be happy to give them my opinion of the great Wayfarers. many thanks for a great Bikes

Bill Winterburn , Pro Rider Customer