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The professional, lightweight Pro Rider E-Voyager Electric Mountain bike is one of the most stylish off road E-bikes in the marketplace. Top Assisted Speed of 15mph using both Twist Grip and Pedal Assist Modes.
RRP £1,198.01 £599.00


This all-terrain mountain bike includes a powerful 10amp Li-Ion Battery and will travel up to 30 miles on a single journey*. The E-Voyager is comfortable to ride off-road, uphill, downhill and around the towns and cities of the UK. With top quality electric and bike components, the E-bike is designed to transport you quickly and easily with or without assisted power. When you’re speeding down a steep slope and you want to be sure you have full control of your bike, the E -Voyager's Rear Disk/Servo brake system comes in handy.

The battery gives between 800-1000 charges and weighs just 5kg. When you compare this to a Lead/Acid battery with a weight of 10kg and a charging capacity of between 300-400 times, you know you’re buying a quality product. Built-in Front and Rear Suspension ensure that it is the bike that takes knocks and not you! With a quick shift Seven Speed Shimano gear system you are not limited to the speed of the electric motor. You can experience the best of both worlds, exercise and power assist.

Key Features

- 36 Volt 10ah Lithium Ion battery
- Rear Servo Disc Brakes
- No other seller can match our quality and 5 Star Home Warranty Back Up
- Front and rear suspension
- 48km range on motor/Battery Power Alone*
- Height adjustable handle bars
- Height adjustable seat
- Lightweight
- Shimano Gears
- 5 Star Home Warranty
- Free Delivery
- Quick release parts and battery
- On and Off Board battery charging
- Full size 20 Inch adult frame
- 26 Inch wheels
- Front and Rear lights included
- Auto safety cut off feature - when you press the brake lever this automatically cuts out the motor.
- High specification heavy duty bike.

5 Star Warranty 

Unlike other Electric bikes your Pro Rider E-Bike comes with a 5 Star Home Warranty. If you have any warranty claim we will come and collect your E-Bike, repair it and return to you, all at our cost. Our company is famous for providing the highest level of back up service. With our 10,000sq ft service centre we have a team of engineers who are fully qualified to handle all Pro Rider products. We also have a dedicated helpline and email helpline for any questions/issues you may have. Please see our terms and conditions for full details. 


- Frame: Lightweight Strong Aluminium Alloy Adult Size Frame 
- Motor: 250 Watt Brushless Hub Motor 
- Gears & Speed: 7-Speed Shimano Gear System 
- Battery: 36V/10ah Lithium Ion Battery 
- Charger: High power for Li-ion 36 volt Smart Charger with 5-6 Hours charging Time (depending on use) 
- Tyres: 26"x2.1" MTB Double Wall 
- Rims: 26" Alloy 
- Speed: 18mph (29kmh) (Motor Only) – Limited to 15mph (24kmh) in the UK 
- Distance: Up to 30 miles (48km) range on motor* (depending on weather conditions and terrain)
- Throttle & Grips: Wettsen 
- Braking System: Front V Brake and Rear Servo Brake 
- Braking Levers: WUXING, Alloy, Black Shelf with Motor Stopping Wires 
- Front Forks: ZOOM CH-650 DH, Alloy Double-Crown Adjustable Suspension 
- Suspension: Front and Rear 
- Seat Post: HL steel 
- Handlebars: HL, Alloy MTB Style, 25.4" 
- Mudguards: Front and Rear 
- Lights: LED Headlight, Single Bulb Rear light, and reflectors for superior safety whilst riding at night  
- Weight Capacity: 136kg (300 lbs) 
- Bike Weight: 20kg (without battery)
- Battery Pack: Removable (quick release) and lockable 
- Legalities: No road tax or driving licence required. Insurance or helmet also not required 
- Dimensions: 193cm L (76 inches) x 38cm W (15 inches) x109cm H (43 inches)
- Seat Height: 91cm (36 inches) - 107cm (42 inches)

Extended Warranty

As with all Pro Rider products an extended warranty option is available giving you complete peace of mind cover for as many years as you wish.

We offer a collect, full service and return of your E-Bike. Our fully qualified engineers will give your E-Bike a comprehensive service and we will collect and return your E-Bike as part of the service. We also offer the same collect, repair and return service for E-Bikes not under warranty.

Highest Level Of Back Up Service

* Mileage quoted depends on factors such as user weight, weather conditions and terrain

Note: Pro Rider bikes are manufactured with full UK regulations and requirements. If you are purchasing the bike with the intention of using it in another country you will need to check the legal requirements within that country. We can not be held responsible for the regulations within countries outside the UK.

Customer Reviews

Aluminium wheelchair

People are always very quick to complain but not so fast to recognise superb service. It is very refreshing to deal with a company who care about their customers and realise that going the extra mile means the world to some people. Many thanks again. Dave

Anon, Pro Rider Customer

Electric bike

Thank you so much for the quick delivery and assistance you gave with our E Voyager electric mountain bike. Robert loves the bike as we chose the right colour (phew..) Can you let me know if we have to register the bike? I believe your engineers will come to us for servicing can you confirm this please. Robert went for a 25 mile yesterday and he says it is better and more comfortable than his last e bike. So once again a massive thank you from both of us. Liz and Rob

Liz & Rob, Pro Rider Customer

Review for Pro Rider Electric Bike

Had my e voyager bike for 18 months and it is brilliant. Thanks to the service team who replaced a part after a recent accident with a blind driver of a car. Didn't even charge me even though I was out of warranty. Can't thank you enough and feel free to post my details on your site if others want to contact me.

Tony Sneath, Cambridge

I think after my camera one of the best things I ever bought

SO yes! I think after my camera one of the best things I ever bought. So thanks very much - I am lovin it. Though it is daunting to have to face a crowd of admirers encircling it - I don't really do that! If there is anything I can do of use to you do ask. Now just to see how it is in the wet (it has been known to rain on Dartmoor) and see if the motor has the guts to keep dragging this old man up the hills. best wishes

Pete, Pro Rider Customer

Electric bike

Dear Sirs Having just purchased two E-Wayfarer bikes from you I would like to leave you some positive feedback. These bikes were bought via a phone transaction rather than e-bay so I am unable to use e-bay’s feedback system. The ordering process was professional, efficient and left me confident in the purchase and delivery timescale. The bikes arrived well packed and exactly when promised. We have used them on several occasions so far and are very pleased with their performance and operation. The extensive use of aluminium alloy and stainless steel fastenings gives me confidence in their weather resistance. I am pleased with the inclusion of robust stand. LED lights, strong rear rack, full mudguards, seat suspension and full chainguard to keep clothing clean. All these items together are not generally found in bikes of this price band. Even better if..... a 5mm & 6mm Allen key included, larger crown wheel (more teeth) fitted to give higher gear ratios, and ability to switch off pedal assist provided (leaving Throttle control plus pedalling as a mode). All in all very pleased - thank you! Colin

Colin Fancourt, Pro Rider Customer

pro rider electric bike review

Just been out for the first time on my pro rider bike. Thanks for the quick delivery and ease of buying. The bike only took a few minutes to assemble. Following instructions I charged the battery for the recommended 24hours. I have just been on a five mile ride, something I have not been able to do for a long time, after being diagnosed with C.O.P.D. Most off the way I just used the battery to ease the pedalling and only occasionally used battery power alone. Thank you for a great product that I wish I had bought years ago.

Brian Goulding, Pro Rider Customer


Hi bought an electric bike ie: a voyager mountain bike off you. Can I just say how really pleased and impressed with the bike absolutley loving been able to go for a ride again as i have a few ailments thet have stopped me over the last six years feel like i have gained a piece of my life back. Fantastic bike at a fantastic price think we will be buying one for the misses shorly.

Stephen Oxley, Pro Rider Customer

E-tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life

I would like to say how much difference your e-tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life. I am disabled with a whole load of physical problems normally I use a mobility scooter and my cairn terrier Bobby go`s every where with me so I did not want to leave him at home when I bought one of your bike`s which I must say are fantastic to ride and so much fun. But I wanted Bobby with me so after a lot of thought I bought a Childs cycle trailer with suspension so that while I ride the E-bike with the trailer attached there would be less stress to the bike. I had to make the hole in the attachment that go`s on to the rear cycle`s axle a bit larger which was no trouble. I now have an excellent bike that assists me with power as required and I hardly know the trailer is there even with bobby and his bits and bobs also my litter picker and some bags as I look after the park in the picture as a volunteer 7 days a week and Bobby gets to chase his ball. The Pro-rider has enabled me to go on longer trips and a good speed, it has simply opened up a lot more of my little piece of world and I want to thank you all at pro-rider for giving me back some extra freedom. I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Bobby and my self on our transport please note I also had a basket made for the carrier bye a local weaver. I would recommend your E-Bike`s to anyone and have done so in my local town as we get a lot of attention when walking through it and riding of course.

Steven and Bobby Cable, Pro Rider Customer