Open yourself up to a world of adventure with a Pro Rider Leisure bike or eBike

The bicycle has long been a staple of everyday life; simple yet adaptable, the bicycle is a clean and inexpensive mode of transport, a great means of exercising, and a fun and leisurely pastime, functions which help to ensure that the humble bike continues to transcend the test of time.

Pro Rider Leisure is proud to be part of the bike’s evolutionary journey. We offer a comprehensive range of push bikes and eBikes to suit users of all budgets and requirements, whether you are looking to commute to work on a folding electric bike, conquer the hills on a mountain bike, or simply spend time with the family on a cycling tour of the countryside.

Our push bikes and eBikes guarantee to deliver on both style and performance – after all, you not only want to look good out on the roads, you also want to feel good whilst you are doing it. Superb quality and extremely affordable, a Pro Rider Leisure bike is a lifelong friend.

We are always looking towards the future of the bicycle and what exhilarating new concepts and technology is on the horizon. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey; it all starts here, with a Pro Rider Leisure bike.