Electric Bikes

  1. Side view of the Womens Step Through Mid Drive Electric Hybrid City Bike in Grey - Pro Rider Flare
    Pro Rider Flare Grey Ladies Mid Drive City Electric Bike
    • Lightweight low-step aluminium frame
    • Powerful and smooth aluminium V-Brakes
    • 8 speed Shimano Acera drivetrain
    • 250w Dapu mid drive motor
    • 36V 10.4ah Lithium ion battery
    Out of stock
  2. Side view of the Mens Mid Drive Electric Mountain Bike in Grey - Pro Rider Surge
    Pro Rider Surge Grey Mens Mid Drive Electric Mountain Bike
    • Lightweight 18” aluminium frame
    • 250W Dapu mid drive motor
    • 8 speed Shimano Acera drivetrain 
    • 36V 11.6ah Lithium ion battery (Panasonic cells)
    £899.00 £1,199.00
  3. Side view of the Unisex Folding Electric Bike in Black - Pro Rider Ion
    Pro Rider Ion Black Folding Electric Bike
    • Easy folding lightweight aluminium frame
    • Powerful alloy V-Brakes
    • Rear alloy pannier rack with battery holder
    • Foldable handlebars and pedals
    • Supplied 90% assembled when delivered
    Out of stock
  4. Side view of Pro Rider Switch - Grey Mens Electric Mountain Bike
    Pro Rider Switch Grey Mens Electric Mountain Bike
    • Lightweight 18” aluminium frame
    • 250W Dapu Taiwanese hub mother
    • 21 speed Shimano drivetrain
    • Supplied 90% assembled when delivered
    • 36V 11.6ah lithium ion battery (Panasonic cells)
    Out of stock

Electric Bikes – Explained

What is an electric bike? – In a nutshell, it’s a bicycle with a motor which gives you a boost when cycling. Some electric bikes have motors that are rear mounted, some are mid drive, and others are front wheel mounted.

What is pedel assist? – Pedal assist is the entire function of an electric bike; it is activated when pedaling begins and gives power support to the rider, a particularly useful function for going up hills and battling against strong headwinds.

Are there different types of electric bike? - Absolutely! Just like push bikes, eBikes come with different specifications to suit different purposes, e.g. for mountainous terrains, for city travelling, for male and female users, etc.


How Can I Benefit from an eBike?

* Commuting – In both a financial and a practical sense, travelling to college, university, work, or even down to the shops is so much simpler and more efficient with an eBike. Say goodbye to worrying about finding somewhere to park and paying the fees, getting stuck in traffic, feel cramped on an overcrowded bus…

* Exercise – Getting more active couldn’t be easier with an electric bike. Designed for both intense workouts and relaxed journeys, an eBike is multi-functional depending on how you want to ride. Choose between freewheel mode or pedal assist to give you the right amount of power and support when riding.

*Opportunity – For those who cannot normally spend long periods of time on a bike or cope with hilly areas due to muscle or joint problems, an electric bike can offer a new lease of life. The support of the motor gives much needed assistance so that people of all capabilities can enjoy cycling once more.

*Adventure - From leisurely excursions and days trips with friends and family to travelling round a new town or exploring your local area, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy an eBike. Adventure is just around the corner, so embrace it!