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Mountain bikers on hill 29/06/2018

12 Valuable Tips for Cycling in Hot Weather

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you power down the roads, your surroundings turning into a blur. Summer has finally arrived and we are really excited to get out on our bikes and make the most of this amazing weather. High temperatures and bright sunshine, however, can bring about a myriad of issues for cyclists, which is why we’ve put together these handy tips for cycling in hot weather. By following these simple pointers there’s no reason why you... Read More

Golf ball 04/04/2018
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11 Simple Tips for Successfully Playing Golf in the Rain

Muster your courage as today we’ll be discussing something that many leisurely golfers actively try to avoid – playing golf in the rain. Whilst it’s true that many players initially see a drop in their performance, we’re here to tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom. As a matter of fact, there’s no reason why – with the right preparation and plenty of persistence – you can’t play well in wet weather. We’ve put together 11 tips to better arm you against inclement weather and give you the... Read More

Electric Scooter tyre close up 22/09/2021

E-Scooters: An In-Depth Look

Electric scooters – or e-scooters – have gained notable popularity in the last few years, popping up everywhere as privately owned models and rentable ones. We are still waiting for privately owned adult e-scooters to become legal for road and cycle lane use in the UK, but we are hoping that this will take affect very soon. They are a greener method of motorised travel, so with them becoming legal for commutes and leisurely journeys, we will be able to cut our carbon footprint from travel by up to 50%!... Read More

Children playing 12/07/2021

How Does Playtime Help Your Little One’s Development?

It may just seem like fun and games, but playing is essential to your little one’s development, teaching them to be active as well as improving many of their skills. They will also learn a lot of life skills while playing and these will become second nature to them for later in life. It is very important, however, that their play is unstructured, and they are allowed to make up the rules and take control of their play. Removing the dictation of an adult maximises their fun and, most of... Read More

Father and son at golf course 23/06/2021

Greatest Father & Son Golfers of All Time!

Golf is a game that has been passed down the generations by tradition, with golfing parents passing the baton to their children in the hopes of them following in their footsteps. With the notable exception of Greg Norman – who was inspired by his club champion mother – most often it is the fathers who inspire their sons to pick up the clubs. Below are the greatest ever father and son golfers that the game has ever seen. – – Old Tom Morris & Young Tom Morris Without a doubt,... Read More

UK Golfing resort 28/05/2021

Our Favourite UK Golfing Resorts

For any golfing enthusiast, finding the perfect golf resort to have a break and play your favourite game is a must. While they may all seem great, it’s always a good idea to research them thoroughly to make sure that you’re making the right choice. We’ve saved you the job by doing the hard part for you, using our expert knowledge and first hand experiences to bring you our favourite golf resorts in the UK. – – East Sussex National With its gorgeous rolling countryside, East Sussex National Golf Course... Read More

PGA Golf Tour 20/05/2021

Our Top 10 PGA Tour Moments

Golf is a sport with a rich history – from underdogs taking titles to hilarious moments witnessed on the course – and we’re hoping for more of what makes this game so special throughout this year. In light of the PGA Championship kicking off today, we’ve picked out some of our favourite PGA tour moments from throughout the years. Come and reminisce with us! – – 10. The 2000 PGA Championship While this is not a specific moment, the whole of the PGA Championship tournament back in 2000 was definitely... Read More

Child on a Batman Batmobile Ride-On 17/05/2021

How Ride-On Toys Keep Little Ones Healthy

During the past year, we’ve all become accustomed to spending more time indoors and away from society to prevent the spread of COVID. Now that the restrictions are easing and life is returning to normal, we are able to go out and do more; adjusting back to life, however, can be scary, especially for little ones. In this post we’re not only going to go through how ride-on toys can aid children’s health, but also how they can help them adjust back to a normal and social life. – –... Read More

Golf balls surrounding the hole 07/05/2021

Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a sport that many can do – but not all can master. The premise of hitting a ball down the green and into a hole may seem simple, but learning to do it accurately and in as little shots as possible can be very difficult. Here are some helpful tips that will get you on your way from being a casual player to a local legend at your club. – – Posture, Stance & Positioning Not all of your game depends on what happens during and after your... Read More

Open Golf course with three ladies 29/04/2021

Staying Safe on the Golf Course

Now that golf courses have reopened we can start indulging in our favourite sport again – but we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that we don’t increase the risk of spreading Coronavirus. To protect yourself and others around you, follow these steps to keep our golf courses clear of the virus and, most importantly, open! – – Stick to the Rule of 6 When you attend the course, make sure that your group does not exceed the recommended limit of 6 to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading.... Read More

Bicycle and helmet again wall 23/04/2021

Why is Cycling Such Great Exercise?

There are plenty of ways that you can exercise such as running or going to the gym, but we think that the best choice has to be cycling, all thanks to its many pros and very little cons. Aside from body building, we believe that cycling is the most effective and accessible method available for overall health and fitness. Keep on reading to find out why! – – Cycling is Low Impact Most forms of exercise come with their fair share of wear on the body; running, for example, can... Read More

Earth Day Aprill 2022 19/04/2021

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In honour of Earth Day which is on the 22nd of April, we have been thinking about the current state of our climate. Fighting climate change can seem like a big task but if we all work together, we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and rejuvenate our planet. Over the years we have neglected the world, polluting the air and using up resources; if we act now, we may just have a chance to repair the damage we have caused.  While we all need to use energy for our... Read More