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12 Valuable Tips for Cycling in Hot Weather

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you power down the roads, your surroundings turning into a blur. Summer has finally arrived and we are really excited to get out on our bikes and make the most of this amazing weather. High temperatures and bright sunshine, however, can bring about a myriad of issues for cyclists, which is why we’ve put together these handy tips for cycling in hot weather. By following these simple pointers there’s no reason why you... Read More

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11 Simple Tips for Successfully Playing Golf in the Rain

Muster your courage as today we’ll be discussing something that many leisurely golfers actively try to avoid – playing golf in the rain. Whilst it’s true that many players initially see a drop in their performance, we’re here to tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom. As a matter of fact, there’s no reason why – with the right preparation and plenty of persistence – you can’t play well in wet weather. We’ve put together 11 tips to better arm you against inclement weather and give you the... Read More


Get Out, Keep Active & Feel Your Best

Keeping active is the best medicine for boosting your mental health and making you feel good. Going for walks, jogs or even just doing an exercise routine in your home can break up the days and release feel good hormones into your body. Below are some easy and accessible ways to keep fit, healthy, and, most of all, positive! – Get Out in the Fresh Air Whether you choose to go for a walk or a jog, getting outside can do wonders for your mood. The fresh air, natural light,... Read More


5 Reasons to Love Electric Bikes

Cycling is a sport loved amongst many and, in recent years, it’s become a favourite way to travel for those who would have otherwise used a car for their commute to work or the shops. The reason for this, we think, is electric bikes. Yes, they have been around for many years, but it’s their recent upgraded technology that has made them become as sought after as they are! Here are 5 reasons why you should love e-bikes and think about swapping your car journeys for an electrically assisted bike... Read More

Sealed Lead Acid vs. Lithium Batteries

Sealed lead acid and lithium batteries are used everyday around the world to power vehicles, machines, and technology. They both use a clever balance of chemicals to create an electric current which powers your device; how they vastly differ, however, is in the technologies and chemistry that they use. We’re going to delve further into sealed lead acid and lithium batteries, looking into which has the better battery life, which has the faster charging time, and whether you are able to swap between them. – – Battery Life The length... Read More

Getting Ready for the Golfing Season

The cold weather and frosty mornings have probably forced you away from your local golf club but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise the colder months to get ready for the new season start. While some days offer playable conditions, most will be too wet and windy for an enjoyable round. When the conditions are too harsh, a driving range or some indoor practice equipment could be just what you need to fine tune your skills. – – Reflect on Your Game This Year The first step to getting yourself... Read More

How Can A Bioflow Wristband Help Me?

Bioflow released their first bracelet in 1995 and since then their product range has increased along with the effectiveness of their technology. Most of their competitors use dual polarity in their products whereas Bioflow use a patented central reverse polarity for the most benefits. The central reverse polarity has 3 poles; a north in the centre surrounded by south poles for multi-directional magnetism. When blood flows under this magnetic field the cells become agitated. This effect paired with the strength of the magnet is what makes Bioflow wristbands an elite health... Read More

Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Christmas 2020 is nearly here. It’s almost time for us to let our hair down, forget about COVID for a while and be merry with our loved ones. This year it is more important than ever that we make the most of Christmas to help us get through these tough times. Below are some of our favourite pieces that would make the best Christmas gifts. – U-Move 3 Wheel Kids Scooters For the little ones this Christmas we have the U-Move 3 Wheel Kids Scooters. Quality in build and design, your... Read More

Love Football? You’ll Love Our Football Goals!

COVID-19 has caused all of our lives to come to a sort of standstill, stopping us from doing the things we enjoy most just in case we catch the dreaded virus and pass it on. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be this way; we just need to use our human intuition and adapt to the times as we have so many times in the past. The most important thing for us to do in these unprecedented times is to make sure that we continue to do the things we... Read More

7 Golfing Tips for When Winter Strikes

When the days shorten and the temperatures drop, most golfers would call it a day. It’s actually a waste to throw away the winter months as this is the perfect time to hone in on your game and make some drastic improvements by the time spring rolls around. While mild winter days can be few and far between, when you manage to get on the course on a crisp and clear winter morning you can really feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. What’s more is that the harsher and unpredictable... Read More

Are 3 Wheeled Scooters Safer for Toddlers?

Toddlers can usually walk without any hassle, but when it comes to balancing on a raised footplate they can find it difficult to evenly distribute their weight. Our 3 wheeled LED scooters combat this by providing your toddler with a perfectly balanced plate to keep them stable while riding. While the kid’s scooters provide the user with balance assistance, they simultaneously boost their balancing skill by teaching them how to correctly distribute their weight through steering. Our 3 wheel U-Move scooters come with a patented 3 tier steering system so you can adjust this... Read More

Why You Should Love Golfing in Autumn as Much as Us

Spring marks the beginning of the golfing season where you’ll see plenty of men and women all around the world flocking to the closest course they can find, swinging their clubs and hitting there balls down the green. But many are mislead to think that the end of summer marks the end of the golf season, it doesn’t. Autumn is your last chance to comfortably and enjoyably take advantage of the course before the snow, frost and cold temperatures take over and winter hits. With autumnal months upon us, we... Read More