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Electric bicycle 15/04/2015

You’re Always an Easy Rider on an Electric Bike

The boom in cycling in the UK shows no sign of slowing down. Thanks to British cyclists winning famous road races such as the Tour de France and triumphs at the Olympics in recent years, thousands of people up and down the country have been taking to the roads on two wheels – maybe even investing in some Lycra along the way!

Man golfing 23/03/2015

The Celebrities Who Are Making Golfing Cool

A few years ago, you might have associated golf with the older generation, but the sport is attracting a new younger generation of fans and players thanks to influential celebrities who cite golf among their favourite pastimes.

Ben Sayers M15 Steel Golf Set 16/01/2015

Golf Essentials

So what are the essentials, apart from a set of serviceable clubs, a pair of golf shoes, and a few balls and tees? Somewhere to play is pretty important too, and if you’re just starting out, do you want to play on a links course or a parkland course? Unless you’re very lucky, of course, it’s unlikely you’ll have the choice.