How Can A Bioflow Wristband Help Me?

Bioflow released their first bracelet in 1995 and since then their product range has increased along with the effectiveness of their technology. Most of their competitors use dual polarity in their products whereas Bioflow use a patented central reverse polarity for the most benefits. The central reverse polarity has 3 poles; a north in the centre surrounded by south poles for multi-directional magnetism. When blood flows under this magnetic field the cells become agitated. This effect paired with the strength of the magnet is what makes Bioflow wristbands an elite health... Read More

Are 3 Wheeled Scooters Safer for Toddlers?

Toddlers can usually walk without any hassle, but when it comes to balancing on a raised footplate they can find it difficult to evenly distribute their weight. Our 3 wheeled LED scooters combat this by providing your toddler with a perfectly balanced plate to keep them stable while riding. While the kid’s scooters provide the user with balance assistance, they simultaneously boost their balancing skill by teaching them how to correctly distribute their weight through steering. Our 3 wheel U-Move scooters come with a patented 3 tier steering system so you can adjust this... Read More

5 Reasons to Keep Cycling

One unexpected but brilliant side effect of lockdown is that people have been digging their bicycles out of the shed and hitting the roads. If you’re one of the thousands of people that took up their new two-wheeled hobby, you may be wondering what happens now that summer is coming to an end. The colder months are approaching which mean thicker coats, jumpers, and long trousers, but it doesn’t mean that you also need to stop cycling. Although it will get colder and there will be rain and snow, you... Read More

Top 10 Exercise Myths Debunked

Between fitness bloggers, Instagram influencers, and self-proclaimed “gurus”, there is a lot of information out there about exercise but unfortunately not all of what you hear will be true. We’re going to delve into some of these “perceived truths” and debunk them. Once you’ve read this article you’ll be able to start working out smarter, not harder. – – Myth 1: You can focus on losing fat off a specific area on your body Also referred to as spot training, this is the idea that working one area of your... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About e-Scooters

Electric scooters have grown in popularity all around the world within the last 2 years as they’ve been rolled out on a rental basis. They’re now available for anyone to buy, and in our opinion are an amazing way to get around, but the laws around them are currently in an in-between stage where they can be used under certain conditions in certain places, but if they’re not used where and how they should be then it’s actually an offence and you could get fined. We’ve put together everything you need... Read More

5 Common Electric Golf Trolley Problems & How to Fix Them

Electric golf trolleys, like many other motor powered machines, can sometimes have faults that need fixing to keep it working its best. We’ve put together a list of the most common faults that we get asked about with methods of correcting them so that you don’t have to waste time searching endlessly for a solution. If you can’t find your fault here and would like to speak to a service specialist about your trolley, please give our knowledgeable team a call on 01604 813350 or email us on service@proriderleisure.com. This is especially important... Read More