Commit to Your Fitness, Not a Gym Membership

Incorporating a consistent fitness regime has never been easier thanks to our budget-friendly folding treadmill. Gym memberships are expensive and are a big commitment if you have limited access to transport, a hectic daily schedule, or other commitments that will take priority over going to the gym.

Having access to your own personal treadmill at home or at the office is not only cheaper in the long term, it’s also great for keeping you on track with your fitness goals. Be warned though, having your own personal running machine means that there are no more excuses to avoid leading a healthier lifestyle!


Flexible Training at Home or in the Office with a Pro Rider Leisure Folding Treadmill

Exercising whenever you like and as often as you like may seem like a luxury but at Pro Rider Leisure it’s completely achievable. Our folding treadmill is designed with space saving and convenience in mind so that you don’t have to lose precious space to work out. The ability to set up and take down our treadmill as needed means that you don’t have to dedicate an entire room in the house for one piece of fitness equipment.

The workout possibilities are endless with an at-home running machine; go at an easy pace with a light jog or gentle run, increase the incline and push yourself with hill-style training or pick up your heart rate with high intensity interval training, it’s all down to you.


An Easy to Use Running Machine for a Healthier Lifestyle

Using a running machine has lots of benefits for your health and fitness. Just some of the positive outcomes for your wellbeing include:

  • Increased energy
  • Lower stress levels
  • Fat loss
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • A more toned physique