Remote Control Golf Trolleys

  1. Side view of the Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control from Pro Rider Leisure
    Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control
    • Maximum range of remote up to 150m 
    • Incredibly lightweight aluminium frame
    • Auto cut-off charging feature
    • Free wheel mode included
    • Includes £150 worth of equipment
    • 1 year warranty
    £399.98 Now £298.99 save £100.99!

Why Should I Invest in a Remote Control Golf Trolley?

A remote control golf trolley is for those golfers who really want to step up their game – it’s the next generation of electric golf trolleys. A common outcome of constantly carrying and lifting your golf bag is the heightened – perhaps unavoidable - risk of injury and strain. You’ll still get plenty of cardiovascular exercise from walking around the green with a remote controlled golf trolley but with the added benefit of reducing or even eliminating these common golfing issues.

Feel like treating yourself to a better game? Some of the perks of using a remote control golf trolley include:

- Easy navigation around the course
- Option to choose between freewheel and power mode
- Quick and easy set up - getting you on the course faster
- Hands free control
- Efficient movement across the green - more time for more holes
- Reduced pressure on the body
- Challenging fairways are no longer a challenge
- Ability to carry a heavy load capacity


What's a Lithium Golf Trolley?

 We’re glad you asked! Alongside our electric golf trolleys and remote control golf trolleys, we also offer a lithium option – that’s to say, a golf trolley with lithium battery power.

A standard electric trolley = lead acid battery

A lithium electric golf trolley = lithium ion battery

It may seem as though there really isn’t much difference – but you’d be wrong! Breaking it down:

- Lithium ion batteries are more lightweight than lead acid versions
- Lithium ion batteries have a deeper discharge than lead acid batteries, making them more efficient
- Lithium ion batteries have thousands of cycle charges compared to only hundreds for lead acid batteries
- Overall performance of lithium ion is greater than lead acid

At the end of the day, deciding between a standard and lithium golf trolley comes down to budget and preference. The great news is that the Pro Rider Leisure trolley range is very affordable and gives you plenty of choice.