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If you’re looking for a durable cover to protect your trampoline, or a ladder to give your child easy access, then you’ve come to right place! 

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With quality materials like weather resistant PVC and galvanised steel, our trampoline accessories will stand the test of time and the elements.

Keeping your trampoline protected from the elements when it’s not in use is the key to long term durability. Our selection of trampoline accessories includes covers for 8ft, 10ft and 12ft trampoline which will keep your version looking and feeling as good as new. Trampoline covers prevent unwanted weather damage, ensuring that the matt and springs are kept covered and protected to keep out water, wind, and debris. It’s simple to use our trampoline covers; just put it over the top of your trampoline and secure so that the wind doesn’t catch it and you’re done!

For easier access to your trampoline, we have sturdy and durable galvanised steel ladders for our 10ft and 12ft versions which will help your little ones on and off with ease. The galvanising process that happens to the steel causes it to be highly weather and rust resistant; the steel is hot dipped into zinc, creating a coating that has incredible longevity.  To attach your new trampoline ladder, all you need to do is secure it to the frame and then it’s ready to be used.

Whatever trampoline accessories you may need, our selection offers a combination of high quality materials at affordable prices, making protecting and using your trampoline even easier. Correct trampoline care is essential to durability so utilise our trampoline covers and ladders to keep your trampoline safe and ready to use.