Pro Rider 18 Hole Electric Golf Trolley with Lithium Battery – Grey & Yellow

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With performance-orientated features and a smart design, this electric golf trolley offers both style and functionality. 

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  • Electric golf trolley
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Frame is finished in a modern grey tone with yellow accents
  • Digital LED display
  • Powerful 150W motor means steep hills and uneven ground won’t be an issue
  • 14.4V 16Ah lithium battery comfortably lasts 18 holes
  • Expert control with ambidextrous controller and three wheels
  • Prevents over charging with auto cut off charger
  • Can be folded compactly with easy and swift motions
  • Includes carry bag, rain cover, umbrella holder, score card hold, and drinks holder


Conquer the golf course with this lithium battery golf trolley. Featuring a powerful 150W motor and a 14.4V 16Ah lithium battery, hilly terrain will no longer seem such an overwhelming challenge as it easily powers up steep hills with your clubs.

Despite its lightweight frame, this stylish golf trolley also boasts strength and durability, taking on the weight of heavy golf equipment with ease. With this golf trolley taking the burden of weighty clubs, your energy can be conserved for the game - where it really matters.

Effortless to control, manoeuvring the electric golf trolley around the course is smooth and straightforward thanks to its three wheel design and ambidextrous controller. As well as convenient on the green, this lithium golf trolley is fully foldable, ideal for transporting in the boot of a car and neatly storing away.

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Max speed: 8km/h

Max load capacity: 30kg

Climbing capacity: 30 degrees

Distance range: 18 holes

Motor: 150W/12V

Battery: 14.4V 16Ah Lithium

Charger: 100V-240V

Frame weight: 9kg

Battery weight: 4kg

Material: aluminium

Product dimensions: H98 x L120 X W56cm

Folded dimensions: 84 x 56 x 40cm

Packaging dimensions: L90 x W51.5 x D34.5cm

Net weight: 13kg

Gross weight: 15kg

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What accessories come with the golf trolleys?

All of our golf trolleys come with a scorecard holder, ball and tee holder, umbrella holder, cup holder, rain cover, and golf trolley carry bag as standard.

Some models come with additional accessories such as a GPS holder – please refer to the product description of each trolley for details of any extra accessories.

What size golf cart bags fit the golf trolleys?

Any standard size golf cart bag with a circular base will fit our golf trolleys.

We have numerous golf package sets available on our online store including Pro Rider and Ben Sayers options.

Do you sell golf trolleys without batteries?

Our electric golf trolleys come as a full package with the battery and charger included.

We also have a range of lightweight push golf trolleys that will help you navigate the fairway with ease.

Can I upgrade from a standard lead acid battery to a lithium battery?

You certainly can, however, please note that you’ll also need to upgrade your charger to a lithium charger if you do so.

Do you have parts available for the golf trolleys? If so, how can I buy them?

We do have parts available for our golf trolleys. All available pieces can be found on our dedicated golf trolley spares page.

I already have a lithium battery; will it work on my trolley?

It will work providing that the battery is at least 12 volts. You will also need to connect the golf trolley battery lead to your lithium battery.

Can you overcharge the batteries on your electric golf trolleys?

Our electric golf trolleys come with an auto cut off charger to prevent overcharging and to lengthen the lifespan of the battery.

How should I clean my golf trolley?

All you need to clean your golf trolley is a clean cloth, warm water, and a small amount of mild soap.

Whilst our trolleys are capable of dealing with the elements, we strongly advise against cleaning them with a hose, jet washer or steam cleaner. Doing so may force dirt and water into the electronics and mechanisms which can cut down the lifespan of your electric golf trolley.

Is there any maintenance I should carry out?

It is a good idea to give your electric golf trolley a check over from time to time to make sure that everything is secure and that there is no damage to the components or wires.

If you leave any issues unacknowledged it may lead to a serious fault that cannot be fixed, resulting in the need for a complete trolley replacement.

Should I fully discharge my battery from time to time?

We strongly advise against this as doing so can age your battery prematurely and affect its capacity.

We recommend discontinuing use of the trolley when you notice that it is starting to move slower or has used up a significant amount of charge; this way the battery does not become completely drained before you are able to put it on charge.

Do I need to have my trolley serviced regularly?

We recommend that your GT is serviced annually if you are using it regularly as this will ensure optimum performance for as long as possible, however, this is at your preference. Our friendly and knowledgeable Service Department are on hand to service your electric golf trolley should you wish to do so. You can reach the team on 01604 813350 or at

I played half a round of golf, should I recharge it before the next game?

You should charge your golf trolley’s battery after every use, no matter how short the usage.

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