Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley with GPS Phone Holder – Black & Yellow

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Powerful, lightweight, and efficient, our Electric Golf Trolley is your must-have companion on the green. This funky black and yellow trolley helps prevent muscle strain and back injury by transporting your heavy golf bag around the course for you. This model also comes with a handy holder for your GPS device or mobile phone.

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Key Features:

  • Funky black and yellow finish really makes a statement on the green
  • GPS holder secures GPS and mobile devices
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame for effortless transportation and manoeuvrability
  • Aerodynamic battery base tray
  • Ambidextrous controller to accommodate left and right handed users
  • Larger, streamlined wheels with extra grip
  • Handy distance functions – 11/22/33 yards
  • Seven different speed options
  • Can also use without battery in freewheel mode
  • Powerful 36ah SLA battery
  • Easy to use display shows your battery level
  • Contemporary wheel design
  • Auto cut off feature stops over charging to prevent battery damage
  • Easy to use adjustable gears
  • Storage bag included to keep trolley in top condition
  • Bonus accessories: golf bag rain cover, charger, battery bag, cup holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, ball and tee holder
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind

Playing golf can be fantastic for your back. You use lots of different muscles when hitting a ball and this, combined with the many hours of walking, is great for building up endurance. What can also come out of golfing, however, is muscle strain and lower back pain, both of which can impede your ability to play properly.

The repetitive motion of bending down to pick up your golf bag combined with the pressure caused by carrying your bag around the course can lead to stress on the lower back. The solution? Use an electric golf trolley transport the bag across the green for you and take the strain away. Our Electric Golf Trolley with GPS Holder is surprisingly lightweight yet impressively powerful and hardwearing, boasting plenty of endurance for tackling steep fairways, tough terrain, and unfavourable weather all year round. Available in several different colour schemes, this sporty black and yellow version really makes a statement out on the course.

Featuring everything that’s loved about the original Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley, this fantastic model boasts a handy device holder for keeping your GPS or mobile within clear view and easy access whilst you play. The trolley will remain your trusted golfing companion across 36 holes, giving you the flexibility to choose between three distance functions and seven speed options for a comfortable travelling pace.

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  • Motor - 200W
  • Total weight  - 19kg (inc. battery)
  • Battery - 12V 36ah lead acid
  • Gradient climb - 35 degree
  • Folded dimensions - 820 x 530 x 320mm

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What accessories come with the golf trolleys?

All of our golf trolleys come with a scorecard holder, ball and tee holder, umbrella holder, cup holder, rain cover, and golf trolley carry bag as standard.

Some models come with additional accessories such as a GPS holder – please refer to the product description of each trolley for details of any extra accessories.

What size golf cart bags fit the golf trolleys?

Any standard size golf cart bag with a circular base will fit our golf trolleys.

We have numerous golf package sets available on our online store including Pro Rider and Ben Sayers options.

Do you sell golf trolleys without batteries?

Our electric golf trolleys come as a full package with the battery and charger included.

We are always developing and expanding our online product range and may introduce manual golf trolleys in the future.

Can I upgrade from a standard lead acid battery to a lithium battery?

You certainly can, however, please note that you’ll also need to upgrade your charger to a lithium charger if you do so.

Do you have parts available for the golf trolleys? If so, how can I buy them?

We do have parts available for our golf trolleys. We don’t sell these online but if you give our friendly and helpful sales team a call, you can order these over the phone with us.

I already have a lithium battery, will it work on my trolley?

It will indeed providing that the battery is at least 12 volts. You will also need to connect the golf trolley battery lead to your lithium battery.

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