Bioflow Magnetic Wristbands

Popular amongst numerous professional golfers such as Lee Westwood, Bioflow Sport Wristbands utilize an innovative magnotherapy technology to help alleviate aches and pains for an improved golfing game.

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Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

This unique sporting accessory comprises of a waterproof silicone band with a complex magnet that emulates the magnetic therapy effects of professional electromagnetic equipment. Wearing it on the wrist – an area of high blood flow – allows the bracelet to work across the whole of the body.

Unlike other magnetic bracelets available on the market, the Bioflow wristband is specifically designed for the sporting industry, designed to look sleek and sporty when worn on the golf course or in the gym.


How Do They Work?

Bioflow wristbands boast a unique patented technology called ‘Central Reverse Polarity’. Normal magnets work to a single polarity, whereas Bioflow creates a multi-directional magnetic field via its three pole magnet. As the bloodstream passes through this pulsed field effect, the cells become more active. 

Most importantly, Bioflow magnetic bracelets are non-invasive and are worn just like a normal band on the wrist. Please be advised however that these products are not suitable for anyone with a medical implant or device that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.


How Do They Help My Golfing Game?

Many golfers struggle with muscle fatigue from the repetitive motions of the game as well as having to carry heavy equipment around the course. Combine this with the general aches and pains of consistent exercise and golfers soon find that their capabilities are hindered by these strains.

Lots of people across the UK and beyond – both golfers and non-golfers alike – have found that wearing a Bioflow wristband has helped to alleviate aches and pains so that they can carry on enjoying everyday life and the playing the sports that they love. Depending on your particular health concerns, you may need to allow a longer period of time to feel any potential effects from the wristband; some users felt a difference straight away whereas others noticed the benefits a few months later.


What Makes Bioflow Wristbands Different?

One of the major problems with many of the existing magnetic bracelets in the market is that their magnets are simply too weak to have a significant effect on the body. Bioflow wristbands, on the other hand, have a magnet that is powerful enough to penetrate deeper into the wrist. The unique magnetic pole reversal on the bloodstream is an effect that is unique to Bioflow products and has not been replicated by other magnotherapy bracelets.